My Three Words for 2015

I have chosen three areas of my life that I will commit to focusing on and strengthening in the coming twelve months.


I will choose to not have to be right. My being right only feeds my ego and sense of self importance. No one else is served by me insuring that they know how much better my way or knowledge is than theirs. I know how destructive this attitude can be and I refuse to allow it to hurt those around me and cripple my relationships.


I will choose to remain broken before God. It is a good place to be, but a horrible place to get to. I will try to not get to the place where He has to take me there again.


If He is sleeping in the boat is He going to let it founder? Even if He does should I not trust that He still has a plan? Where was I when He raised up the mountains? Where was I when He scooped out the sea? I say I trust Him, but I still fret and rush about trying to make my own plans work out. Maybe it is circular, but I am going to trust Him to help me trust Him. Like anything in life it is the only way I will be successful.

“Do, or do not. There is no try.”

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