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My Three Words for 2013

Tuesday, January 1st, 2013

Again, props to Brian Russell for the topic.

I have chosen three areas of my life that I will commit to focusing on and strengthening in the coming twelve months.

Maybe I am cheating a little, but I am going to re-up on Hospitable. I do not think I am anywhere near where I want to be with this one and I still feel very strongly about making it a priority and focus in my life.

I should be gentle in all my dealings. I am concerned the most in my dealings with my son. He responds well to gentleness. Unfortunately, haste and frustration and carelessness let me slip or more often, run screaming into harshness. Andre the Giant is remembered for being a gentle man. Perhaps because with great strength there is a great need for gentleness, but more likely there just is no need for harshness and only great strength is secure enough to realize it.

This is corollary to last year’s Deliberate. I am going to continue to do things. In many senses I am rebuilding my life. I am not going to wait for it to pass me by. Last week I was two hours from home, but only three hours from a family member I had not seen in a year and a half. So at 11 PM I called and said, “See you by 2 AM.” I left the next day at 2 PM for the three hour trip home. But if I lose that person next week I can look back without regret.

“Do, or do not. There is no try.”